Internship Students

Internship – William Atkin (University of Gloucestershire – BSc Geography Graduate)

For my project in 2015/2016, I aimed to assess the impact of the Chalara Fraxinea disease in ash trees more commonly known as ash tree dieback within the Severn Vale study area.  This portfolio will outline the objectives agreed as part of the project and show the outcome and overall success of the project conducted this year.

The data from the Forestry Commission highlighted the need to study the effect of the disease with the data suggesting between 2000-3000 hectares of broadleaf woodland was present in the area, which is a grouping of woodland types containing ash trees.

The internship was a good experience of working independently and managing my own project. The experience allowed me to apply the GIS skills I had learn during my degree to the investigation of the Severn Vale area.

Additionally, in 2017, I produced the web-mapping for the project present in the Glosgeolab WordPress site using open source data from the CPRE project and worked as a team to establish a new website for the University of Gloucestershire Open Geospatial Lab. My aim was to produce web-mapping with open source software such as QGIS for the GIS data management and using Carto for the ability to host and present GIS data. I have followed this up by creating the current 2.0 version of the website in 2018/19 to relaunch the project.

Internship – Charlie Morris (University of Gloucestershire – BSc Geography 3rd Year)

Over the 2017 Summer break I was tasked with building and designing this current Glosgeolab WordPress site for the University of Gloucestershire Open Geospatial Lab. Working as a team we designed the site to present GIS data on several different maps as well as adding links to data sources and other useful websites.