Personal Profiles

Dr. Robert Berry, Research Fellow

BSc (Geography), MSc (Geographical Information Systems), PhD (Geographical Information Systems)

I am the coordinator of the Open Geospatial Lab (GOGL) that runs in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire School of Natural and Social Sciences. The aim of this initiative is to develop and promote open source GIS education in the University’s undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes, as well as to stimulate innovative research in the application of open source geospatial technologies.

Dr. Lucy Clarke, Senior Lecturer 

BSc (Geography), MSc (Geography and Surveying), PhD (Geography)

I am a Physical Geographer that specialises in river processes, natural flood management and using image analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to explore landscape change. I am involved in implementing and assessing ‘slow the flow’ schemes in Gloucestershire and surrounding counties. I am also currently working with the British Antarctic Survey using historic aerial photographs and satellite imagery to look at glacier change on Antarctica. This gives me the opportunity to incorporate both my Antarctic data and active river research projects into my geography teaching.

William Atkin, GIS and Remote Sensing Graduate 

BSc (Geography), MSc (Applied GIS And Remote Sensing)

I am a Physical Geographer that specialises in GIS and Remote Sensing, utilising geospatial data to aid analysis and decision-making. I was involved in the initial construction of the GlosGeolab website and the development of the latested updated version. 

Dr. Mark O’Connell, Senior Lecturer

PhD (The Ecological Management of Gulls)

Mark has worked in many parts of the world and across different parts of the conservation sector. This includes as an ecologist for the British Antarctic Survey and as Head of Research at the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (Slimbridge). Mark has also been Director of an independent ecological research and training organization focused on conservation science and capacity building in developing countries. Mark brings these real-world experiences to his teaching, and in advising students on careers.